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The Biography of Marisa Pavan

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The Twin Sister

Margaux Soumoy has written the first and only book about the beautiful and talented Marisa Pavan. As an exposition of her films, television and stage work, and critique of Marisa’s talent as an actress, it will stand as the definitive account. Sensitive to the personality of her subject, she nevertheless allows us glimpses of the real woman, her early trials in Hollywood, her marriage and devotion to Jean Pierre Aumont, and the peace she has found at the end of her long and rewarding life.  I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the history of film and film stars, and this story of one such star.

Jane Allen is the author of three books including Pier Angeli: A Fragile Life (2002), the only available English biography of Marisa Pavan’s late twin sister. Her fourth book about German Danish born Russian jeweler Pierre-Karl Fabergé will be released in 2022.